So, during the ‘we don’t have power’ superbowl break, let me just say… the over-under on Alicia Keys singing the national anthem was 1.42. Being a sure-of-myself musician, I bet $20 and went with 2.22. Why, you ask? Because she’s a pianist (i.e. she’s gonna play it slower/more emotive… not sure how I know that… :)), and let’s face it… she’s known to go for vocal gymnastics.

So, yeah. I thought my bet was strong, and quite frankly, was sure I had a lock. But, in an unexpected turn of events, our sports-writer friend Tom won with 2.37. 2 effing 37. How long did Alicia go? 2.40. How that’s possible, I have no idea, but yeah… I lost. And, what have I learned from this?

Slower and more emotive is better. It just is. You win bets and win hearts.

Gotta work on that. 🙂