So, I spoke with a close friend today… in a nutshell, she’s had a pretty rough run of it recently. Starting to question her purpose… what she really wants from life… is she actually making a difference… (as we’ve all done at one point or another in our own lives, no?) Anyway, it got me thinking how, all too often, we fall into the trap of defining our success (or lack thereof) by established norms. I.e. – I’ve always been told that a ________ (insert your chosen career here) does it THIS way… and that if I don’t choose to do it the same way… I’m somehow failing. But, in reality, every job in existence has a million shades of ‘how it’s done’ and even beyond that… for every defined job that exists, there are a million that haven’t even been invented yet. Case and point, twenty years ago, ‘Director Of New Media’ wasn’t around. Now, it’s a position at every entertainment, communications, and government organization on the planet.

Point to all this being… try not to define (or worse yet, judge) yourself by those who’ve come before. Just because an engineer or psychologist or writer or artist typically operates according to some predetermined playbook doesn’t mean you have to. And, if instead, you go out and forge your own path, who knows… maybe you’ll wind up being the one to write that playbook for generations to come.