Ok, first off… how the hell are ya? Feel like we haven’t really talked for awhile… (translation: I know I’ve been a massive douche and completely out-of-touch recently… thanks for bearing with me :))

That said…. two quick things for ya. First, I updated my Spotify app today, and they did a complete overhaul of the functionality. Now USUALLY… that wouldn’t be any big thing. But for the first time ever, at the top of the page, they show the number of ‘followers’ for any given artist/playlist, etc. And, glancing at my page, I gotta say… blown away. How many followers you ask?


Yeah… not lying when I say I’m truly stunned by your support. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spotify and would assume many of you use it as much as I do… but I had NO IDEA that many of you were actually subscribed to my page and waiting on new music. Seriously… THANK YOU.

Ok… happy fun times for me aside… new music for ya!! Been meaning to announce this one for several days now… New album on Jocelyn – she and I teamed up on songs by James Arthur, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, etc. As always, I’m such a fan of her voice and hope her performances speak to you as much as they do to me…

iTUNES – http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_itunes

SPOTIFY – http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_spotify

AMAZON – http://bit.ly/oath_gmp_amazon

Thank you so much for listening, and I promise….. more new music soon! (’cause god forbid I put something new out with me singing… realized yesterday it’s been since November that I released the Carry On record… oy… http://bit.ly/co_spotify)

Thanks again for everything.