Ok, first off… thank you so much for all the birthday well-wishes yesterday. As always, you’re too kind… Was fortunate enough to spend it with my cousin, his wife, and kids down here in sunny (albeit cold) Destin, and for not having seen them in over 7 years… gotta say… seriously good times.

Anyway, I’d PLANNED on getting both Jocelyn’s as well as my own new tracks out to you this week, but as I’m currently on vacation (and let’s be honest here… don’t usually separate my music life from personal life as well as I should :))… for a change, I figured I’d just… enjoy it. Novel concept, I know. 🙂

That said, I SWEAR ON MY LIFE you’ll be getting new music as soon as I’m back, and in the MEANTIME… wanted to throw something else out to you. Over the past several months, Jocelyn and I have kicked around trying to tour together at some point, and although it’s by no means a definite yet, it’d be great to get your feedback. If you have a free minute, I added Eventful’s new Demand It app to my page (thanks, Holly!), and you can vote for your hometown there. Please do, and who knows… maybe we’ll get to meet in person someday soon?



ps – not for nothin’, sunset over the ocean + wine + sushi dinner + …..kids in bed asleep… = happy. 🙂