Ok… So, after several months with no new music and 2 weeks of virtual radio silence, am I, in fact, still alive?

Mmmmm… yes, yes I am.

And, during that time, have Jocelyn and I both been busy cranking out new songs?

Yes, yes we have.

And, am I gonna hit you with a long-winded blog about the new tracks?

Mmmmmm… no, no I’m not. 🙂

There’s a time for long blogs (and for sure there’ll be more of those in the future :)… but for now… let’s just listen to some music, shall we?

Links below.




iTUNES – http://bit.ly/kyhumsl_itunes

SPOTIFY – http://bit.ly/kyhumsl_spotify

AMAZON – http://bit.ly/kyhumsl_amazon


iTUNES – http://bit.ly/htngu_itunes

SPOTIFY – http://bit.ly/htngu_spotify

AMAZON – http://bit.ly/htngu_amazon