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...and here's how the conversation goes...

Random Friend:  "Hey Gav!  How have you been?"

Me:  "Awesome, man... you?"

RF:  "Great, thanks... so, what are you working on these days?  More Justin Bieber covers?" (haha)

Me:  "Uh NO... JACKBALL... :)  ACTUALLY...... I just finished working on a soundtrack I'm really excited about!"

RF:  "That's so cool!  When's the movie coming out?!"

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Me:  "Mmmm... actually, it's not for a movie.  It's for a book."

RF:  "So cool!!!  I mean...... wait............. what?  A book?"

Me:  "Yuh-huh!  A book!  My friend Ruta wrote a NY Times Bestseller, and she asked me to compose a soundtrack for it!"

RF:  "Wow, I've never heard of that before... I mean... ummmmm...... a book?  I'm sorry, I still don't understand..."

And, so it goes...... :)

Ok, so now that we've gotten THAT out of the way... my new soundtrack came out today!!! :)  You can check it out on:




Anyway, to continue the explanation... yes, a soundtrack to a book. :)  One of my closest friends, Ruta Sepetys, wrote an unbelievable novel called 'Between Shades Of Gray' and (incredibly) asked me to create a soundtrack for it.  In a nutshell, the music is meant to communicate some of the more prominent themes/characters/scenes from the book... basically, a soundtrack to accompany the movie unfolding in your head as you read (much like an orchestral score would for a movie).  The fictional account takes place against the backdrop of World War II Soviet Russia and... well... the story is inspirational to say the least.  And one made even more poignant by the fact that much of it was adapted from real life accounts (Ruta traveled overseas to research and interview survivors).  To watch a behind-the-scenes video, read reviews from The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, etc., visit:


(Note: the music in the video, though fantastic, isn't my soundtrack.  It was done by an awesome film composer named Niels Bye Nielsen)

Approaching the soundtrack, Ruta and I talked over many of the more prominent themes/characters from the book (picture 6-hour-wired-on-coffee Starbucks sessions replete with frantic scribblings and whatnot :)), and after settling on the ones we thought you'd most connect with... my goal was to give voice to those themes in a way that might add to your overall experience.  Deliver the message of the novel as she intended... but as only music can do sometimes... speak to the love, hope, sacrifice, and redemption we all feel in a more visceral way...  In the end, we hope it does just that.

So, there ya go... a soundtrack to a book. :)

Soundtrack aside... Ruta is unquestionably one of the most talented, intelligent, kind-hearted, and inspirational people I've ever met, and aside from buying her book (seriously, you won't regret it), if you get the chance to see her on her book tour... GO.  She's a true original, and above all else, someone who educates and inspires like none I've ever seen.  Creating this soundtrack has truly been one of the highlights of my career.

Thank you for checking it out!!!


ps - within the next few days, you'll be able to get the piano tutorials for the soundtrack at  EZKEYS.NET... thanks for getting so many of the other songs there over the past week!!!